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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Banning Facial Recognition

What I have been thinking.  Specifically, not generally accountable.   Even if the major players stop doing this, others quickly will.

Bans on Facial Recognition Are Naïve. Hold Law Enforcement Accountable for Its Abuse
by Osonde A. Osoba and Douglas Yeung

June 17, 2020

The use of facial recognition technology has become a new target in the fight against racism and brutality in law enforcement. Last week, IBM announced it was leaving the facial recognition business altogether, and its CEO questioned whether it was an appropriate tool for law enforcement. Within days, Microsoft and Amazon each announced that they would—at least temporarily—prohibit law enforcement agencies from using their facial recognition software. The Justice in Policing Act, also introduced in Congress last week, would specifically ban facial recognition analysis of officers' body camera footage.

Facial recognition technologies—with the assumptions of their developers embedded in their code—often perform poorly at recognizing women, older people, and those with darker skin. There's little question that these flaws exist. But banning facial recognition isn't necessarily the best response. ...

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