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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Making Images Sharper, More secure?

A remarkable approach is described, sharper images for human eyes,  but too sharp for the task of recognition?  Implications for security?

AI Makes Blurry Faces Look More Than 60 Times Sharper
Duke Today
By Robin A. Smith

Researchers at Duke University have created an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can improve an image of a face with up to 64 times its original resolution, making a blurry, unrecognizable picture into a sharp, realistic image. However, the method, known as PULSE, cannot be used to identify people, such as by making images from a security camera clearer, because the faces it produces may not actually exist. Using a generative adversarial network machine learning tool, the system weeds through AI-generated examples of high-resolution faces to find images that appear similar to the input image when reduced to the same size. Said Duke’s Cynthia Rudin, “Never have super-resolution images been created at this resolution before with this much detail.”  .. '

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