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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Google Ad Manager

Late to notice this, intriguing approach managed by Google.  In the Google Blog. Note there are 4 previous posts on this.

Use insights to make better business decisions

Chelsea Rice
Product Manager, Google Ad Manager

This is the fifth and final post in a series exploring several of Ad Manager’s key features and how they help our publisher partners maximize their ad revenue. To learn more, read posts one, two, three and four. 

Today, data from a publisher’s advertising activities can extend beyond revenue to inform nearly every aspect of their business. From helping steer content strategy, to delivering better user experiences, to driving subscriptions, ad data can be incredibly useful, but only if you have the tools to gather and analyze the relevant insights.

Google Ad Manager was built to power our partners’ entire digital advertising businesses, including the ability to discover, visualize, and activate data-driven opportunities. For the majority of our partners, the platform has everything they need to manage and optimize their ads business. And for our largest and most data-centric partners, Ad Manager features seamless integrations with Google Analytics, Cloud, and more to support sophisticated data initiatives and segmentations. 

Most importantly, our data solutions always comply with applicable privacy regulations, are consistent with Google's commitments to protect users and their data, and offer partners the tools they need to ensure the right level of privacy for their customers.   ... " 

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