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Friday, June 12, 2020

Virtual Metabolic Human Models

Considerable complexity in such models, but they at least will point to the kinds and amounts of data and predictions that will be necessary to provide computational results.   A kind of Digital Twin.

Virtual Metabolic Humans—Harvey and Harvetta, Novel Computational Models for Personalized Medicine
Science Foundation Ireland
June 3, 2020

Researchers at National University of Ireland and the Netherlands' Leiden University have created whole-body human computational models for personalized medicine called Harvey and Harvetta. The models can simulate individual metabolisms, physiologies, diets, and gut microbiomes; they also can predict known biomarkers of inherited metabolic diseases, and facilitate investigation of potential metabolic interactions between humans and their gut microbiomes. Harvey and Harvetta are anatomically interconnected whole-body virtual male and female models incorporating more than 80,000 biochemical reactions distributed across 26 organs and six blood-cell types. Their development required the creation of novel algorithms and software for constraint-based simulation of high-dimensional biochemical networks. Leiden University's Ines Thiele said, “Harvey and Harvetta will usher in a new era for research into causal host-microbiome relationships and greatly accelerate the development of targeted dietary and microbial intervention strategies.”

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