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Monday, June 15, 2020

Baking Anti-Malware into CPUs

Continued back and forth, the article is skeptical about how well this will work.  But something must be done,

Intel will soon bake anti-malware defenses directly into its CPUs
Control-Flow Enforcement Technology will debut in Tiger Lake microarchitecture.
By Dan Goodin in ArsTechnica

The history of hacking has largely been a back-and-forth game, with attackers devising a technique to breach a system, defenders constructing a countermeasure that prevents the technique, and hackers devising a new way to bypass system security. On Monday, Intel is announcing its plans to bake a new parry directly into its CPUs that’s designed to thwart software exploits that execute malicious code on vulnerable computers.

Control-Flow Enforcement Technology, or CET, represents a fundamental change in the way processors execute instructions from applications such as Web browsers, email clients, or PDF readers. Jointly developed by Intel and Microsoft, CET is designed to thwart a technique known as return-oriented programming, which hackers use to bypass anti-exploit measures software developers introduced about a decade ago. While Intel first published its implementation of CET in 2016, the company on Monday is saying that its Tiger Lake CPU microarchitecture will be the first to include it. ... "

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