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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

An Intuitive Language for Quantum Computers

Is it better t have a coding method devoted to an innovation like quantum, or one that provides the greatest accessibility?

The First Intuitive Programming Language for Quantum Computers
ETH Zurich
Florian Meyer
June 15, 2020

Computer scientists at ETH Zurich in Switzerland have created the first intuitive high-level quantum programming language, a coding mechanism that they say is as simple, reliable, and as safe as classical computer languages. ETH Zurich's Benjamin Bichsel described Silq as a programming language keyed toward the mindset of programmers when they want to solve a problem, rather than on hardware construction and functionality. Silq's most significant advancement is its ability to automatically identify and delete intermediate or temporary values that are no longer needed, a process called uncomputation, using only programming commands that lack any special quantum operations. ETH Zurich's Martin Vechev said, "Silq is a major breakthrough in terms of optimizing the programming of quantum computers; it is not the final phase of development."

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