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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Platt Retail Institute on Robot Adoption in Retail

Some new thoughts about robotics being used a changed context.

Via Platt Retail Institute by Northwestern 

There has been growing interest in robotic automation in retail and supply chain for some time. COVID-19 will accelerate adoption. The Retail Analytics Council recently hosted a roundtable discussion regarding the state of robot adoption trends in this new retail world.   Eight panelists were asked to respond to a series of questions. Generally, the questions probed the participants’ thoughts on the opportunities and challenges of robot adoption.

Read the roundtable transcript: Robot Adoption Trends in a New Retail World.  

Panelists include:

Christopher Blum, Mechanical Engineer, Kroger Technology
Chris Daniels, Technology Engineer, Kroger Technology
Dr. Don High, Former Chief Scientist, Walmart
Gerry Hough, Senior Expert, Store Innovation, McKinsey & Company
Dr. Todd Murphey, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, McCormick School of Engineering and of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University
Wesley Rhodes, VP, R&D and Technology Transformation, Kroger
Dr. Adam Rigby, Senior R&D Scientist, Kroger Technology
Dan Whitacre, Senior Director, R & D and Technology Transformation, Kroger
Steven Keith Platt, Research Director, Research Director, RAC and Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University and moderator of this roundtable discussion ... '

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