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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Sony Aibo Updated, will Greet You at the Door

Seems to be only assistant system left that makes a claim to being mobile and family friendly.   Home oriented.   With elements of a home pet emphasized.   We visited their lab early on, and that was one of the claims.  But it never seems to have reached that.  Notably similar in aims to the Kuri, now defunct.

Sony's Aibo robot will now greet you at the front door.  So, so adorable.
Nick Summers, @nisummers in Engadget

Sony’s robotic Aibo pup continues to learn new tricks. Thanks to a new software update, the android companion will now predict when you come home and sit patiently at the front door. Or that’s the idea, anyway. According to Sony’s website, you’ll first need to assign a meeting place — the entrance to your front home — by saying a phrase like “this is where you should go.” Aibo should then lower its head and ‘sniff’ the ground to indicate that it’s storing the location. If the process is successful, a door icon should appear on the map located inside the companion app.  ... "

Claims of over 100K sold in various forms, costing as much as  $2,900 each. There had seemed to be some indications it might be abandoned,  but this recent software update would say otherwise.   Glad the general idea continues, it has a place. 

Some detail in the Wikipedia:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AIBO

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