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Saturday, June 13, 2020

NorthWestern: Emerging Trends in Retail Robotics

Good in detail piece worth looking at:

Emerging Trends in Retail Robotics,  24 pages,  May 2020 Northwestern, Retail Analytics Council


Robots are increasingly being deployed in retail environments. The reasons for this include: to relieve staff from the performance of repetitive and mundane tasks; to reallocate staff to more value-added, customer-facing activities; to realize operational improvements; and, to utilize real-time in-store generated data. Due to the impact of the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak, we can now add a new reason to use robots in retail: to assist with customer and employee safety. 

In this Research Article, we present information on the benefits associated with this store automation. Estimates of the size of the global retail robot market are advanced. The impact on the demand for robots in the grocery industry, in light of the Coronavirus outbreak, is discussed as well. This is followed by a review of U.S. retail robot deployments and the advancement of some emerging applications, partially around customer and employee safety.  ...   " (Full doc at link) 

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