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Monday, June 22, 2020

Baidu Doing Drone Forestry Inspections with AI

Recall I worked with forestry management applications, so the need here rings true.  Note the system mentioned PaddlePaddle is open sourced.

Baidu’s deep-learning platform fuels the rise of industrial AI

PaddlePaddle lets developers build applications that can help solve problems in a wide range of industries, from waste management to health care.

by Baidu  ( In TechnologyReview.  This content was produced by Baidu.
It was not written by MIT Technology Review's editorial staff. ) 

AI is driving industrial transformation across a variety of sectors, and we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of AI capabilities. Some industrial innovations are barely noticed, such as forest inspection for fire hazards and prevention, but the benefits of AI when coupled with deep learning have a wide-ranging impact. In Southeast Asia, AI-powered forest drones have helped 155 forestry bureaus expand the range of forest inspections from 40% to 100% and perform up to 200% more efficiently than manual inspections. 

Behind these smart drones are well-trained deep-learning models based on Baidu’s PaddlePaddle, the first open-source deep-learning platform in China. Like mainstream AI frameworks such as Google’s TensorFlow and Facebook’s PyTorch, PaddlePaddle, which was open sourced in 2016, provides software developers of all skill levels with the tools, services, and resources they need to rapidly adopt and implement deep learning at scale. ... " 

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