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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Amazon Takes Auto Echo to UK, Canada and Parts of Europe

Thought I had detected less support to auto assistants by Amazon, but this indicates they are going again, to new regions and likely regulation.     Extending in a sense the smart home to the car.    Competing now with related assistance capabilities in many new cars.  But considerably cheaper too if you have invested in the Amazon infrastructure.   Have had one installed since launch.  Found it to be somewhat tricky to install and maintain,  but useful if you spend significant time in your car.

Amazon's Echo Auto comes to the UK, Canada and parts of Europe   Two years after the US launch.   By Rachel England, @rachel_england in Engadget

Amazon launched Echo Auto in the US back in 2018, designed to bring Alexa voice commands to vehicles where they wouldn’t normally be an option. Now, finally, it’s arrived in the UK and Canada, as well as Germany, Italy and Spain (it was previously also available in Australia and India).  ... "

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