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Friday, June 05, 2020

South Korea Testing an Elderly Assistant

Hard to follow the depth and breadth of this precisely, but seems to be an assistant oriented  to interact with lonely elderly.  Prompted by recent pandemic pressure.   With some aim to sense memory and cognitive functions and adapt to that status.  Similar in form to 'intelligent' interacting speakers.

In Virus-Hit South Korea, AI Monitors Lonely Elders
Associated Press
Kim Tong-Hyung
May 30, 2020

South Korean telecommunications provider SK Telecom operates an experimental artificial intelligence (AI)-powered network of voice-enabled smart speakers to remotely monitor thousands of isolated seniors during the coronavirus pandemic. The speakers feature the "Aria" AI component, and a lamp that turns blue when processing voice commands for news, music, and online searches. The devices also can assess users' memory and cognitive functions with quizzes, which would be potentially helpful for advising treatments. However, it is difficult for SK Telecom customers to use this information without clear legal guidelines for managing health data on private networks. Seoul National University's Haksoo Ko said, "An appropriate control system needs to be baked into the process, to make decisions on data access based on necessity and sensitivity, and restrict access to information that isn't really needed."  ... ' 

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