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Friday, May 01, 2020

IBM Extends Jupyter for Data Science

Seems to indicate a seriousness for AI and data science enabled process.

IBM Extends Jupyter Notebooks for AI Development
By George Leopold

IBM has released a new open source toolkit with AI extensions to the popular Jupyter Notebooks data science development platform.

The Elyra AI Toolkit extends the industry standard JupyterLab user interface with the goal of simplifying development of AI and other data science models. IBM said this week the initial release includes a visual editor for building AI pipelines along with the ability to run interactive notebooks as batch jobs. Other features include Python script execution and a “hybrid runtime” capability based on Jupyter Notebooks’ enterprise gateway.

The gateway is designed to ease the scaling of enterprise workloads. IBM said Elyra (pronounced, el-EYE-rah) would ease workload development. Elyra “aims to help data scientists, machine learning engineers and AI developers through the model development lifecycle complexities,” the company added in a blog post announcing the open source release. .... " 

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