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Friday, June 21, 2019

Planning Cities of the Future with AI

Like to see much more about this.... planning is tough, and rarely done completely.    Analytic and AI methods require considerable attention to detail and process.  Doing planning well with these methods is probably difficult.  Visualization does help.

AI, Robots, Data Software Helping Create New Approach for Planning Cities of the Future 
Purdue University News in ACM
By Chris Adam

Purdue University researchers have developed a unique strategy to plan future cities, by streamlining building information modeling software through new approaches to data. Purdue's Jiansong Zhang said the methodology facilitates full software development based on data from industry foundation classes, "for any task in the life cycle of an [architecture, engineering, and construction] project." Zhang added that the researchers created a visualization program deployed via the new technique. Said Zhang, "The new method can help eliminate missing or inconsistent information during software development." The data encompasses all sectors, functions, and life-cycle stages of software development for construction projects. .... "

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