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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Managing Moments of Truth

Was a very early user of the concept of MOT, so this struck  me,   Have to be measurable, understandable by decision makers, influence-able as part of a real process.  And then:

Get Scientific about Managing Moments of Truth   By Mitch Belsley in Customerthink

James Dodkins the CX Rockstar recently put out a video detailing the 5 Dimensions of Moments of Truth where he briefly outlined how to manage Moments of Truth (MOT’s) based on 5 simple and measurable dimensions. We wanted to delve deeper into these dimensions to give you a clear line of sight to understanding how effective management of Moments of Truth can lead to delivering world class experiences for your customer and achieving business outcomes.

When a customer enters into a moment of truth, everything is on the line for the company: revenue, loyalty, the entire relationship. We take a scientific approach to managing these moments to align our investments with specific outcomes and generate an optimal return.

Here’s how we manage the 5 dimensions of moments of truth:  .... "

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