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Monday, June 17, 2019

Penser Analytics

Just saw some demonstrations from Penser Analytics.  Nicely done.  Now integrating AI capabilities.  More to follow.

Penser Analytics

Sherlock is the only analytics platform that meets the needs of business and IT. It empowers organizations to make sense of large data volumes, get answers to their toughest business questions, build beautiful data visualizations, and ensure one version of the truth (1VOT) – at any scale, on any device within a minute.

A powerful, flexible platform
Penser Analytics is built to enable organisations to quickly deploy sophisticated advanced analytics to meet the demands of every user in every organisation.

Natural Language based analysis
Type in your question in plain english

Effortless predictive analytics
Unleash machine learning without any programming

Rapid hypothesis testing
Test various scenarios within minutes before taking decisions.  ... " 

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