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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Debate on Blockchain for the Supplychain

Interesting view with useful examples.  Critical.  Relates to some of my current work.

Is Blockchain Primed to Transform the Supply Chain? A Nuanced Debate
By John Thielens, SCB Contributor in SupplyChainBrain 

Chances are you’ve heard about blockchain’s potential to upend every industry it touches. A quick Google search will tell you that blockchain is already being heralded as an industry-transforming concept. But the truth is that many organizations are still trying to understand exactly what blockchain can enable. That includes companies that are heavily involved in the supply chain. They’re just beginning to dabble in blockchain in niche areas.

A blockchain is a highly distributed ledger that cannot be altered without all participants in a given network agreeing on the change. While blockchain is powering the rapidly growing set of cryptocurrency technologies and related offerings, its tracking and tracing capabilities are what’s making it increasingly appealing to industries beyond that market.

The state of blockchain in the supply chain today can best be described as experimental. Classic supply-chain B2B processes are designed to synchronize the buyer’s and seller’s understanding of a purchase, including SKUs and quantities, pricing and payment, inventory, transportation and logistics. From that perspective, blockchain is on a sound evolutionary trajectory.  ... "

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