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Thursday, June 27, 2019

HR Management via AI

This is already happening.  We used classic optimization systems for human resource use.  What will be interesting is the degree of autonomy such systems will have to assign work, measure results, plan resource needs and use and how they will work with human resource management.     The IBM example mentioned is interesting in a sense of being able to predict future performance.

A Machine May Not Take Your Job, but Could Become Your Boss 
The New York Times    By Kevin Roose 

Call centers and other workplaces are starting to use artificial intelligence (AI) programs to make workers more effective, by giving them real-time feedback. In modern workplaces, AI programs often see human workers themselves as requiring optimization. For example, Amazon uses algorithms to track worker productivity at its fulfillment centers, and automatically generate paperwork to fire workers who do not meet their targets; meanwhile, IBM has used its Watson AI platform during employee reviews to predict future performance, claiming a 96% accuracy rate. However, critics have accused companies of using algorithms for managerial tasks, arguing automated systems can dehumanize and unfairly punish employees. Workplace AI supporters insist these systems are not meant to be overbearing, but rather to make workers better, by reminding them to thank customers, empathize with frustrated callers, or avoid idling on the job. .... " 

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