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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Futures in Focus Podcast

Was linked to this podcast through it's mention of correspondent Michael Schrage of the Media Lab.   Just starting to examine, will pass along things of interest.

Futures In Focus Podcast - A Look Inside Our World 10 Years From Now That Only 19% Of Us Think About
Thought Leaders
Michael Gale   WSJ bestseller, A.I. influencer, podcast host about the world in 2030.

Welcome to Forbes Insight’s Futures in Focus podcast, where we explore the world of AI, travel, entertainment, 3D printing, sports experiences in to 2030, healthcare developments, the environment, digital transformation, the nature of good, animal cloning, and many other advancements that have the potential to change what life, business, and society could be like in ten years.  We even tap into the mindset of growth hacking to see if major corporations can grab one of the secrets of startups with the CEO of Growth Hacking and best selling author Sean Ellis and the world of precision medicine with Professor Sah-Shen Orr and David Harel of Cyto Reason.

These and our many other guests give us their best ideas, years of thinking, and a sense of the possible futures in store for us all of which is extremely exciting.  I ask some tough questions about potential choices into the future that guests like Bruno Sarda, the US CEO of CDP who is charged with measuring carbon footprints around the world, and he gave us some incredibly enlightened answers.  Even the sustainability officer for Campbell's soup talks about sustainable food design. In just about thirty minutes, whether you are on your commute, eating lunch, or some other down moment, Forbes Futures in Focus is designed to give you a peek through the window into the futures we could be part of.  ... "

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