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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Categorizing Images on Airbnb

A problem type we worked on for years, for applications like advertising archives and ad and copy re-use.

Categorizing Listing Photos at Airbnb  in Medium
Large-scale deep learning models are changing the way we think about images of homes on our platform.

Authors: Shijing Yao, Qiang Zhu, Phillippe Siclait

Airbnb is a marketplace featuring millions of homes. Travelers around the world search on the platform and discover the best homes for their trips. Aside from location and price, listing photos are one of the most critical factors for decision-making during a guest’s search journey. However until very recently, we knew very little about these important photos. When a guest interacted with listing photos of a home, we had no way to help guests find the most informative images, ensure the information conveyed in the photos was accurate or advise hosts about how to improve the appeal of their images in a scalable way.  .... "

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