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Monday, June 24, 2019

EBay Personalizes

We had a corporate short connection and interaction with EBay, been a user since the beginning, so continue to watch their efforts.  Noticed recently a change in their messages and marketing orientation. 

Ebay is pushing ahead on making its marketplace more personalized as customers shop not just by selection, but convenience.   By Hilary Milnes In ModernRetail

On Thursday, the company announced it was releasing 10 new features that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn and then adapt to customer preferences in search, product suggestions and ads, as well as on the homepage and through customer service.

Ebay’s simultaneously trying to improve the experience for guests — users that haven’t signed up for Ebay accounts, in an effort to attract more customers — and longtime eBay shoppers through the new tools. To target new users, it’s building personalized recommendations into their searches based on past search history and shopping behavior through Facebook and Google login, and tailoring search results for unaccustomed Ebay shoppers by prioritizing items available to purchase now (rather than bid). For frequent shoppers, the platform has rolled out options to get alerts and updates on an item’s availability they’re likely to want to bid on, as well as a “buy again” option ... " 

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