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Thursday, June 13, 2019

ACM-IMA Data Science Summit on June 15

Upcoming, will be attending.

Livestream Lets You Virtually Attend ACM-IMS Data Science Summit on June 15

 If you can’t attend the ACM-IMS Interdisciplinary Summit on the Foundations of Data Science in person, access the livestream starting on June 15 at 9 AM PDT.

This event, organized by ACM and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, promises to be a stimulating day of distinguished speakers and panelists addressing topics such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, fairness, and ethics, in addition to discussions about the future of data science:

9:05-9:40 AM Keynote Talk: "Making the Black Box Effective: What Statistics Can Offer," Emmanuel Candès

9:40-10:20 AM Panel: Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Role of Methods in Data Science

10:35-11:15 AM Panel: Robustness and Stability in Data Science
11:15-11:55 AM Panel: Fairness and Ethics in Data Science
1:00-1:35 PM Keynote Talk: "Deep Learning for Tackling Real-World Problems," Jeffrey Dean
1:35-2:10 PM Keynote Talk: "Machine Learning: A New Approach to Drug Discovery," Daphne Koller

2:20-2:55 PM Panel: Future of Data Science

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