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Friday, January 11, 2019

Smart Carts Again

We looked at many applications of Smart Carts.   Looks like a good design.  Installation and Cost, Maintenance were the big issues.

Caper's smart shopping cart uses AI to skip checkout lines
The smart cart is now available at two stores in NYC.
By Saqib Shah, @eightiethmnt in Engadget

From cashierless Amazon Go stores to Walmart's self-driving vans for food drop-offs, tech is revolutionizing grocery shopping with an emphasis on speed and convenience. Now a lesser-known startup is entering the fray with its AI-powered shopping carts that could put an end to bothersome checkout lines at your local store.

Equipped with an interactive display and card swiper, the Caper smart shopping cart lets you scan an item's barcode as you shop and pay before you leave. It's already available in two stores in New York, claims the company, which lists Key Food Fresh, Met Fresh and Pioneer Supermarkets as its retail partners on its website. But Caper will need a bigger team-up if it wants to go the distance. .... " 

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