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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Brain and Plans Behind Google's AI

Seems somewhat limited comparing this to general cognitive AI.   Also note that the proposal needs some semantic web of knowledge relating to the context of the example.    In CACM, an extract from Forbes: 

" ... Jeff Dean, senior fellow of Google's Systems and Infrastructure Group, discusses the company's artificial intelligence (AI) agenda, with its current focus on machine-learning systems.

Dean cites much progress toward true artificial general intelligence in the last five or six years as people applied some of the more refined machine-learning models.

He says a key AI goal Google plans to pursue in the coming years is taking in hundreds or thousands of documents and then having a conversation about the documents' contents. "Perhaps the system will summarize the documents, or ask or answer questions about the contents of the documents," Dean says. "I think that is the level of understanding we will need to truly demonstrate high levels of language understanding."  ....  '

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