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Monday, August 15, 2016

An Open Data Board Game

I like the idea of using games to show how systems work.  We used it to teach corporate and supply chain economics.  But it does not often work very well.   Not sure this one does either.   Seems like its aimed at teaching something else.  Some point about data itself being a universal solution.   But OK, its here, and you are free to try it.

You can now buy your own copy of Datopolis, the open data board game
Today the beta version of Datopolis, our open data board game, goes on sale via Gamecrafter for two weeks. Its creators Ellen Broad and Jeni Tennison tell the story behind it, how it was made and what you can expect from buying your very own copy.   By Ellen Broad and Jeni Tennison

Today we’re making the beta version of Datopolis, our open data board game, available for sale for two weeks. Don’t miss out!

What is Datopolis?
Datopolis is a board game about building things – services, websites, devices, apps and research – using closed and open data. It’s set in a town called Sheridan, which is gradually declining as shops close, teachers quit, hedgehogs go extinct and pollution rises. The tools that players build contribute to making Sheridan a healthier, wealthier, happier place to live.

There’s a short version and a long version of Datopolis. The short version is useful for team workshops and away days – it can be played within 20-30 minutes, and gets people comfortable talking to each other and negotiating to build tools with data. The longer version is for people who really enjoy playing board games – it has added role cards, plenty of bad things happening in Sheridan to contend with, and generally more complexity.  ... " 

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