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Friday, August 19, 2016

On Patient Behavior

In every business where there are customers, its about their behavior.   Even in healthcare. Knowledge@Wharton talks about a new book:  How Patients Think: A Science-Based Strategy for Patient Engagement and Population Health. by Andrea LaFountain

Knowledge@Wharton: In this age of technology and big data, why is there still that disconnect between healthcare providers and patients?

" .... Andrea LaFountain: You kind of answered the question. Big data can be great, but it can also be an enemy depending on how we use the data. There’s an overreliance on what we call “claims data.” We look at the activities of the patient. We can see whether they are visiting the doctor or filling prescriptions, but it doesn’t give us the explanation behind the activities that we’re seeing. That’s what’s missing.

The data can show us the results of their decision. It doesn’t tell us why they are making the decision. So we can look at the data, and we can see that 26% of women with breast cancer stop taking their treatment early.

We can see that very clearly in the data. But how are they making that decision? That is not available in the data. So we speculate and we kind of impose our reasons why we think they are making that decision without actually getting into the scientific reasons behind why they are making those decisions.  .. " 

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