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Monday, August 15, 2016

Is AI Becoming Mainstream?

Good Bloomberg article.  It still depends on the definitions involved,  If by machine learning we mean better analytics, and if by AI, we mean more embedded logic in systems that improve business process, yes I agree.   But if we are expecting in-depth, broad context human insight and intelligence,  its just not mainstream yet.   There are lots of interesting examples emerging, but they still take considerable effort to put in place.  I have seen a number of new and impressive examples recently.   On the rise yes, one we need to watch closely, but an element of hype is now also in play.

Rise of artificial intelligence & machine learning
This analysis is by Bloomberg Intelligence analysts Anurag Rana, Caitlin Noselli, Anand Srinivasan, Eshani Gupte and Courtney Cytryn . It appeared first on the Bloomberg Terminal.

Artificial Intelligence Strives to Be Critical Software Element

Artificial intelligence is becoming more prominent in the software industry as demand for analytics is driven more by growth in both structured and unstructured data. IBM’s big bet on Watson, Microsoft’s increased focus on Cortana and recent product launches and acquisitions, from Amazon to Apple, suggest its rising importance. Self-driving cars are the next frontier as applications move beyond the technology industry. Funding and M&A in the segment will likely be strong in 2016.
Watson to Siri, Artificial Intelligence Learns to Be Mainstream

Artificial intelligence products ranging from personal assistants to cognitive platforms are becoming mainstream in the software industry. As software packages grow increasingly “smarter,” with more predictive capabilities, these products are changing the industry landscape. New frameworks to examine both structured and unstructured data and new systems that can digest large quantities of data are accelerating the development of artificial intelligence and its commercial use across all industries.   ... " 

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