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Thursday, August 18, 2016

AI and Human Safety: Steve Omohundro

AIBrainTalk: AI and Human Safety
On August 17, 2016 Steve Omohundro spoke to the “Million AI Startups” group about “AI and Human Safety”:

AI and robotics will create $50 trillion of value over the next 10 years according to McKinsey. This is causing their rapid development but six recent events show the need to be careful as they are integrated into human society. In the past few weeks we’ve seen three Tesla autopilot crashes, the Dallas police using a robot to kill a suspect, a Stanford Shopping Center security robot running over a small child, and the first “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” losing $56 million due to a bug in a smart contract. As we move forward with these technologies, we will need to incorporate human values and new principles of security so that their human benefits can be fully realized. ...  "

More and slides.

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