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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Innovation and the Language of the Corner Office

 Reminds of work we did to enhance executive information systems.   Back then and then later when we had more technology and live data to leverage.  Language is a big deal. And finally when we started to leverage AI concepts.   More digital now than ever.  Lots of threads in this blog on this, see tags below.   In Sloan Review:

When Innovation Meets the Language of the Corner Office  by Dave Rochlin

What are the best ways to tailor the language of innovation to the executive suite?

We have learned that innovation executives often feel poorly understood by their fellow executives. In turn, functional executives are often baffled by what they see and hear from their innovation teams.

This isn’t a big surprise. As with other business disciplines, innovation experts have their own language. Innovation processes now include journey mapping, need-finding, technology-scouting, business model canvasing, prototyping, design sprints, and more. While these processes and terms are becoming more widely used across organizations, they are not always fully embraced at the executive level. ... " 

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