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Monday, August 22, 2016

Case Based Reasoning and Chatbots

 Resources for integrating Case based reasoning (CBR) and bots. The integration could be a natural way to deliver intelligence in a bot.  We used CBR in a number of early applications.

" ... The main goal of jCOLIBRI is to provide a reference platform for developing CBR applications. With the term “platform” we mean that it defines a clear architecture to design CBR systems plus a reference implementation of the components required to build them.  This architecture has been designed to be extensible and reusable across different domains and CBR families.

''... Although the main scope of the framework is the research community, a relevant feature of jCOLIBRI is its support for large scale commercial applications. It means that our software can be used not only to do rapid prototyping of CBR systems but also for developing applications that will be deployed in real scenarios. This feature is exemplified, for example, by its straightforward integration into web environments.

jCOLIBRI takes advantage of several years of experience from the first version released in 2005. Therefore, the current architecture solves many problems found in its predecessor but reuses the design choices that demonstrated to be good ideas. ..  ' 

Via Jim Spohrer, some examples of CBR architectures:

jCOLIBIRI (CBR)   http://gaia.fdi.ucm.es/research/colibri/jcolibri

MyCBR (CBR) http://www.mycbr-project.net

The image at the upper right is in an article from the University of Trier.

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