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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Intel Acquires Nervana: How AI is Disrupting the Largest Industries

Unexpected, but have always been impressed with Intel's deep innovation, want to see hardware enhanced AI.

In Medium:   Standing on the Shore*: How AI is Disrupting the World’s largest Industries 

Artificial Intelligence is undergoing a massive acceleration driven by rapid growth in available data and rapid evolution of algorithms.

Intel’s acquisition this Tuesday of our portfolio company Nervana Systems validates that our companies’ platforms, driving this acceleration, are disrupting the world’s largest industries.

Our thesis is that a) increasingly powerful and inexpensive hardware that is machine learning/deep learning-friendly (lots of multipliers and fast memory; e.g., Nervana Systems), b) a flourishing of learning approaches running on that hardware, and c) large, novel data sets, now inexpensive to acquire and refresh, to train and drive those novel learning algorithms, is fueling a transformation of major global industries right in front of everyone’s eyes....  " 

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