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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Internet IoT everywhere

In ReadWrite:  Good review, nontechnical and even addressing part of the CPG space:

" ... The Internet of Things is taking over the world. Well, maybe not in a literal global domination kind of way, but just about every “thing” we interact with these days has the potential of becoming part of the growing Internet of Things. This is a big opportunity for companies that produce these products to expand their reach into the rich tech sector.

A toothbrush is worth $5 by itself. A toothbrush that tracks how well you brush your teeth can be sold for many times that amount. The toothbrush company goes from creating plastic handles and bristles to producing electronic devices with transmitters, sensors, and more. This can be a great thing for that company. It expands its reach and makes it a more tempting target for investors. ... " 

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