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Monday, August 29, 2016

Selling AI to Business Now

Have been involved in several era's that pushed the idea of AI.  So am interested in how it is being positioned today.  I also get inquiries from past and current executives and decision makers seeking to understand how it works with other blossoming technologies like Big Data and Analytics.   How can it be linked to data from inside and outside of the enterprise?  How can the systems effectively be delivered and maintained in changing contexts?

Its good to see that real examples are discussed in new ads, see the links below.  But it still requires a translation into your own business process needs and values.   Not always easy.  Best approach is to look for focused applications that require cognitive, i.e. thought-like, learning and language driven capabilities. Build basic working prototypes. These can then be expanded to broader applications.

IBM Wants You to Know That AI Is Not Futuristic -- It's Here Now ... New TV Ads Show How Cognitive and Cloud Are Changing the World     By Kate Maddox. ... 

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