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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mood Science and the Internet of Things

Anyone who works with advertising and marketing ideas wants to measure and influence aspects of mood in  a number of context.   Much has been made of neuromarketing ideas in recent years.   'Things'  that can  influence mood could be packaging, product, context, promotion, shelf and fixture.

And things that influence, can also measure and interconnect.   Measuring means data you can leverage it.  We mocked up a number of related ideas, starting with the simplest RFID tags.   Consider links with Beacons too.    Lots of interesting thoughts in the article linked to below.

These IoT Sensors Want to Know How You Feel – And Maybe Even Change Your Mood  Posted by William Vorhies  

Summary:  Sensors that know how you feel?  Sensors that want to change the way you feel?  When did that happen and better yet how?  ... 

Mood Science
" ... I’ve been tracking the uses of IoT sensors particularly those with human interaction (think Fitbit) but I didn’t see the big picture until I came across this article “Design for Mood: Twenty Activity-Based Opportunities to Design for Mood Regulation” by Pieter M. A. Desmet, a member of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology.  This is one of those articles you know you should trust because it contains a reference bibliography of 169 learned articles.

For the most part it seems that in academic circles the desire to determine how to ‘regulate mood’ is pretty benign and generally couched in terms like improving subjective well-being.  After all who doesn’t want an extra helping of well-being? .... " 

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