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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Using Anthropologic Thinking

In the HBR:  Using anthropology to get more our of social media.    We used anthropologists in the enterprise.  This article promotes more quantitative thinking than we typically saw from anthropology.  Something that may seem new:  'social listening' is something we had done for a long time.  Good introduction to the possibility of paying micro attention to conversations:

" ... There is something marketing managers seem to forget about the internet: it was made for people, not for companies and brands. As such, it offers managers a source of insight they never had — social listening.

Eavesdropping on consumers’ social-media chatter allows marketers to economically and regularly peer inside people’s lives as they are being lived, without introducing biases through direct interaction. Armed with traces of revealed opinions and behaviors, managers can at long last discover the manifestations and ripple effects of their actions on consumer behavior. Clear indications from marketing science underline how chatter affects sales, brand health, and even stock performance. Social listening competency will be critical to competitive advantage in the digital age. . .. "

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