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Thursday, August 25, 2016

New and Improved Wolfram Alpha

Another of the general virtual assistants.  It has been a while since I have checked it out, but was impressed then.  I have yet to see this applied in a real situation to how it might perform as a useful assistant.  Can someone show me an example?   In this new version, there are quite a few domain template examples at the link you can explore for free.


New and Improved Wolfram|Alpha »

We've made big changes to Wolfram|Alpha and Wolfram|Alpha Pro. Current Pro subscribers will automatically get access to new features like Web Apps that provide a custom, form-based interface organized by topic. Web Apps are ideal for new and longtime users wanting help structuring queries for unfamiliar topics.

If you aren't currently a Wolfram|Alpha Pro subscriber, choose from the following options to get these and other great benefits:

Wolfram|Alpha Pro: Use Wolfram|Alpha Web Apps to explore personal and professional interests in areas like fitness, culinary math, personal finance and much more, plus analyze and visualize your own data.

Wolfram|Alpha Pro Premium: Go Premium for the highest upload limits, extended computation time, access to all Web App collections and priority product support. .... 

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