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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Nimble Resource Allocation with Analytics

Good piece on resource allocation by McKinsey.  I always point to this as a place to start to use analytics.  It is all about resources.  Using them better, to produce better results.  This does not have to include the newer, seemingly magic methods.  Just clearly accounting resources needed can lead to results.  Gather the data.  And that process can put you in a place to use better methods as they emerge.

And consider doing this dynamically:
" ... Companies that actively and regularly reevaluate where resources are allocated create more value and deliver higher returns to shareholders.

“Dynamic resource reallocation” is a mouthful, but its meaning is simple: shifting money, talent, and management attention to where they will deliver the most value to your company. It’s one of those things, like daily exercise, that helps us thrive but that gets pushed off our priority list by business that seems more urgent. .... " 

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