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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Internet of Things Transparency Ad Targeting

See EvryThng: The Internet of Things Smart Products Platform

EVRYTHNG is the award-winning IoT cloud platform that connects any consumer product to the Web and manages real-time data to drive applications. Smart products don’t just deliver connected experiences and support services, they share data with enterprise systems and other device clouds for smarter ROI    .... " 

In Adage:
Internet of Things Data Could Fuel Ad Targeting
Next Home for Connected Product Data Is the Marketing Database

The Internet of Things has promised to turn our everyday interactions with stuff into data for logistical and marketing applications.

But now that more and more corporations, including Diageo and Mondelez, have tested actual web-connected products in the market, the industry is approaching the next stage of connected appliances and food packaging. That means figuring out where all that information will go and how it will be used. IoT platform company Evrythng sees a home for data generated by connected thermostats, bottles of booze, designer handbags and washing machines in first-party marketing databases.... " 

A new realm of marketing and retail transparency? We looked at a number of web connected packages, displays, shelves, kitchens, rooms and appliances.

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