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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Replacing Taxis with Rideshare Cars

Spent some time in NYC lately observing the traffic and talking to cabbies.    Good experience.  The analyis from MIT is also interesting.  This shows some opportunities.   Cabbies are already eager to talk about over regulation.   Includes a visual simulation, based on actual data. Would like to see more underlying assumptions.   In the Verge, more details at the link...

MIT study says 3,000 ride-sharing cars could replace every cab in New York City by Jordan Golson
All 13,000 taxis in New York City could be replaced by a fleet of 3,000 ride-sharing cars if used exclusively for carpooling, according to research published today by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). Instead of hailing taxis, passengers that use ride-sharing services for carpooling may lead to reduced traffic congestion, pollution, and fuel use.

The CSAIL researchers used public data from NYC taxi rides published by the University of Illinois to develop the algorithm. They calculated that 3,000 four-person vehicles traveling to similar destinations could meet 98 percent of taxi demand in the city with an average wait time of 2.7 minutes. Perhaps the most important part of the system is a dynamic repositioning of vehicles based on real-time demand, which makes the system 20 percent faster.  ... " 

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