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Sunday, January 01, 2017

LG and Samsung Readying Smart Home Assistants

Echo and Google Home have opened up the 'Smart Home' assistant component to the average consumer.  So not unexpected to see competition by other home appliance companies.      Will be following here.   In Techcrunch:

LG’s Hub Robot sounds like a mobile Amazon Echo   by Brian Heater
LG and Samsung have really taken advantage of the calm before the CES storm by teasing out their product announcements, one by one. LG’s certainly ahead in terms of sheer strangeness here, having already announced a floating speaker and a wearable speaker collar.

The Seoul-based electronics giant will also apparently be showing off a bunch of robots at the show. It’s not the company’s first robotic rodeo, of course, having already released some robotic vacuum cleaners and, at the very least, shown off some…interesting takes on the space, including the Rolling Bot that debuted at MWC last year (below).   ... " 

Also in Engadget.

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