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Monday, January 09, 2017

Everything is a Virtual Assistant Now

CW look at the future of virtual assistants, based on the explosion of solutions delivered and embedded, shown at CES last week.   Good points made about 'supporting' interaction.

Amazon's Alexa won CES this week.  by Mike  Elgan
At CES, we're learning that virtual assistants like Amazon's Alexa will be delivered as a utility to almost every appliance in your home.  

" ... Amazon's virtual assistant, which first appeared more than two years ago on Amazon's Echo smart speaker, seemed to be popping up everywhere at the annual International CES trade show in Las Vegas this week. ... Amazon opened Alexa to third-party hardware developers in the summer of 2015. Now, a year and a half later, the number of devices that support Alexa are dizzying. (We also learned this week that Alexa now offers more than 7,000 "skills," which is what Amazon calls apps or third-party capabilities.) ... The chatter about Alexa at CES is broadly muddled, with reporters talking about devices "supporting Alexa." But not all "support" is created equal. .... " 

My list and coverage of 25 virtual assistants. 

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m said...

This is a very weird use case. Well articulated in "Let me put this another way. If you wouldn't want to encourage store associates to make judgments based on what a person looks like and use that to decide what to recommend that they order, why permit software to do the same thing?" Lukas