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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Coke Closes Startup Incubator

With some interesting insights on how a big company can deal with startups or pre-startups. In TechCrunch.  Followed Coke's innovations for some time.   See previous tabs on Coke.

 Coca-Cola closes Founders startup incubator
  by Ron Miller (@ron_miller)

After opening to much fanfare three years ago, Coca-Cola is shutting down The Founders program, according to a published report in Innovation Leader. Under this program, the company nurtured young startups, hoping to siphon some of that entrepreneurial energy and pass it along to the big lumbering corporation.

Over the last several years, companies have recognized the need to innovate, and the larger the company, the more difficult it is. David Butler, who, according to the report, has left the company, ran the program as VP of innovation. The company launched the program with the idea of giving startups with cool ideas some seed money — a million or less — along with access to the vast resources only a company the size of Coca-Cola could provide. ..... " 

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