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Monday, January 09, 2017

AI and Digital Advertising

AI and deeper analytics continues to drive more intelligent decisions.    I always ask: To what degree will the decisions be autonomous?    And how will they be integrated with human insight?

Harley-Davidson Boosts Digital Marketing With AI    By Ariella Brown  

The Harley-Davidson brand of motorcycles is an American icon. But this iconic brand didn't go it alone: It got a marketing boost from artificial intelligence. .... 

Asaf Jacobi, president of Harley-Davidson of N.Y.C., realized that this approach wasn't cutting it. "We are in one of the top markets in the world, but our sales weren't competitive with the other top markets," he observes.  .... 

An All-in-One Campaign Dashboard
Harley-Davidson NYC started using Adgorithms in the spring of 2016. That entailed integrating its leads metrics and prospect data from the Hubspot content management system with the sales data and analytics from its website and CRM system to achieve an "all-in-one campaign dashboard." The company now runs all digital campaigns through Albert, including paid search, display, email and social media efforts.

Using existing customer data, Albert comes up with what Jacobi describes as "lookalike customers," who have "similar demographic and behavioral profiles as our highest-value customers." After the AI system identifies the lookalikes and their behavioral patterns, it learns what these individuals do and don't respond to.  .... " 

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