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Saturday, December 03, 2022

Synthetic Data Can Offer ML Performance Improvements

 Previously mentioned, considering use of idea in test.

MIT News, Adam Zewe, November 3, 2022

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the MIT-IBM Watson AI Laboratory, and Boston University found synthetic data can improve machine learning (ML) model performance. The researchers amassed the Synthetic Action Pre-training and Transfer dataset of 150,000 video clips to train three ML models on a wide range of human actions. They found the three models outperformed models trained with real video clips on four of six datasets, yielding the highest accuracy for datasets featuring clips with "low scene-object bias." MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab's Rogerio Feris said, "The ultimate goal of our research is to replace real data pretraining with synthetic data pretraining." Feris said that while there is a cost in creating an action in synthetic data, “Once that is done, then you can generate an unlimited number of images or videos by changing the pose, the lighting, etc."  ... ' 

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