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Friday, December 02, 2022

Race to the Moon?

 I continue to be interested in the supply chain processes involved.

China and NASA are racing to the moon. Side-by-side photos hint NASA has the edge, but China's secrecy makes the race hard to call.    By Morgan McFall-Johnsen Nov 30, 2022 in BusinessInsider

two rocket launches at night split image with Long March-2F on the left and nasa space launch system on the right

China's Shenzhou 15 mission, left, lifted off on Tuesday, one week after NASA launched its Artemis I mission to the moon, right. CNS/AFP/Getty Images; NASA/Joel Kowsky

China and NASA are racing toward the first human moon landing in 50 years.

Two recent launches suggest NASA has an edge, but China could be close behind.

Side-by-side images show how NASA and China are overlapping in the new space race for the moon. ... ' 

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