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Monday, December 05, 2022

From Handrwriting to Computer Code

Like to see a useful example of this, though who uses much handwriting anymore?    Do we need another introduction of uncertainty?

Programming Tool Turns Handwriting into Computer Code  By Cornell Chronicle, November 30, 2022

Writing code long-hand. 

The Notate pen-based interface lets users of computational, digital notebooks open drawing canvases and handwrite diagrams within lines of traditional, digitized computer code.

A team of Cornell University researchers created the Notate interface to translate handwriting and sketches into computer code.

The pen-based interface enables digital notebook users to open drawing canvases and to handwrite diagrams within lines of traditional code.

Notate is driven by a deep learning model, allowing notation in the handwritten diagram to reference textual code and vice versa.

Cornell's Ian Arawjo said, "People are ready for this type of feature, but developers of interfaces for typing code need to take note of this and support images and graphical interfaces inside code."

From Cornell Chronicle

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