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Monday, August 01, 2022

Tips for Implementing Conversational AI

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Expert Tips and Best Practices for Implementing Conversational AI

Michael Hartsog   in CustomerThink

The chatbots of the past had limited capabilities. They could answer a predetermined set of questions, but no more—which often left customers frustrated. But conversational artificial intelligence (AI) changed all that.

Conversational AI gives bots a greater ability to understand human language, sentiment, and intention. AI-enhanced bots can customize messaging based on real-time data and complete complex tasks and transactions.

Today, conversational AI is the perfect addition to customer service teams, giving companies a competitive advantage by increasing agents’ productivity, delivering a better customer experience, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Want to add conversational AI to your customer communications but don’t know where to start?

On the Let’s Talk CX podcast with SKWeston, I sat down to discuss the impact conversational AI has on customer satisfaction and agent productivity, along with the best practices I’ve identified after being in the customer experience field for over fifteen years. Of course, understanding the trends and technologies that will deliver exceptional customer experiences is key. And that’s where our partner, SKWeston & Company, provides guidance on identifying the best path for our clients’ unique needs. They’ve identified and implemented innovative solutions in areas such as:

Conversational AI platforms

Omnichannel knowledge management system

A reimagined BPO with unbound agents and technology .... .     .... 

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