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Sunday, August 21, 2022

Integrating Plants into Building Design

Like the integration of plants and buildings.   Beyond sustainability.  

Playing with Dirt Leads to Big Potential for Sustainable Buildings

UVA Today, Karen Walker, July 27, 2022

University of Virginia (UVA) researchers are experimenting with methods to incorporate plants into buildings to advance sustainability. The researchers demonstrated the feasibility of three-dimensionally (3D)-printing complex structures composed of soil and seed. UVA's Ehsan Baharlou said, "We are working with local soils and plants mixed with water; the only electricity we need is to move the material and run a pump during printing." UVA's Spencer Barnes tested 3D-printing soil and seed in sequential layers and combining seed and soil before printing, then proposed fabricating geometrically intricate soil structures like domes. The researchers discovered that although 3D-printed soil structures can support plant growth, it would likely be limited to plants compatible with drier climates.

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