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Monday, August 08, 2022

New Technique for Quantum Computing

 New Error Correcting method. 

New Technique Brings Quantum Computers Closer to Their Promise

By CNet, August 4, 2022

The achievement could eventually lead to developments that allow quantum computers to crack encryption, design more efficient solar panels, and meet other promises of the complex machines.

Quantinuum, a leader in the nascent field of quantum computing, said Thursday it advanced a key technique for correcting errors in calculations done by the advanced machines, a development essential for them to fulfill their revolutionary potential ....

A Broomfield, Colorado-based team improved its handling of qubits, the machines' fundamental data storage and processing elements. Last year, they linked multiple ordinary qubits into a group called a logical qubit that's more reliable. This year, they got a pair of logical qubits to perform calculations, said David Hayes, leader of the company's theory group.

From CNet

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