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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Animation Tool for Posing for Videogames

 Animation and Videogames

Videogames: Posing in 3D

University of Montreal

Salle De Presse, July 27, 2022

An animation tool developed by researchers from Canada's Université de Montréal uses bitmap sketches to control the 3D poses of videogame characters. Mikhail Bessmeltsev and Kirill Brodt said their approach predicts three drawing elements required to disambiguate the sketched poses: 2D bone targets, self-contacts, and bone foreshortening. An optimization program looks for a 3D pose containing all three elements, and the researchers validate the technique by showing that the final 3D character's pose is the sketched pose. "With a single, natural bitmap sketch of a character, our algorithm allows the animator to automatically, with no additional input, apply the drawn 3D pose to a custom 'rigged' and 'skinned' 3D character," the researchers note.


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